November 29, 2016

by TWC Admin


Myra Salzer’s 8-minute TEDx Talk is now available to watch! She was selected to speak on a topic that she is most passionate about: the challenges of inherited wealth.

Myra’s talk, entitled “Wealth Prejudice: How it Affects You,” was among the “ideas worth spreading” at the last TEDxWilmington Event.

Stereotypes and prejudice affect not just heirs themselves, but all of us. Like other minority groups, inheritors often find themselves the target of prejudice; in this case, wealth prejudice. Often, prejudice is unintended: merely the result of indifference or an avoidance of that which we find different… different race, different physical ability, different ethnicity, different age, etc.

Inheritors can find themselves the recipients of a subtle and pervasive prejudice based on a single external attribute: their unearned money.

Through Myra’s talk, we learn how stereotypes can cost us all, and what we can do about it.

Watch it now!

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