Experiencing a change in your financial status, be it from an inheritance, divorce, death, retirement, business liquidation, or other windfall situation, can be overwhelming and confusing. If you feel deluged by the transitional challenges of sudden wealth, The Wealth Conservancy’s team of professionals can provide a sense of perspective, control, and ease. We specialize in the complexities and responsibilities of wealth management and have been working with people like you for more than 30 years, providing investment management, financial planning, wealth coaching, and fiduciary advisory services.

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TWC's Myra Salzer at TEDx

Stereotypes and prejudice affect all of us, not just their subjects. Often, prejudice is invisible and unintended. Inheritors and those with windfall wealth can find themselves the recipients of a subtle and pervasive prejudice based on a single external attribute: their unearned money.

Myra Salzer’s TEDx talk, entitled “Wealth Prejudice: How it Affects You,” was among the “ideas worth spreading” at a recent TEDx Event. Through her talk, we learn how stereotypes can cost us all, and what we can do about it.

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