The Wealth Conservancy, a Boulder, Colorado wealth management, financial planning, and wealth coaching firm founded and run by wealth coach and author Myra Salzer, has a client-centered and focused approach that keeps you, the inheritor, at the center of your wealth. It all starts with your general visions and aspirations; your life goals guide every step of our relationship. From there, we work together to establish control of your finances and engage the power of your wealth.

Myra has been honored by Worth magazine multiple times on their annual list of Top 100 advisors, and her 30 years of experience are evident in her client-centric approach.

If you would like a confidential consultation, please request one here. Of course, if you prefer, you are more than welcome to call us directly at 303-444-1919 or toll free at 888-440-1919.

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Our team is comprised of experts in financial planning and wealth coaching with a passion for helping inheritors.