inheritors-toolboxInheritor Advocate Myra Salzer shares her Tools for the Inheritor’s Toolbox. In a casual and direct way, Myra addresses topics that inheritors can relate to such as equalizing finances between unequal partners, how to be an effective board member or influence your portfolio, and how to handle the dreaded question, “What do you do?”

We invite you to add each tool to your toolbox by watching below. (2-3 minutes each)


Intro: Inheritor Advocate and Author Myra Salzer
Intro: Inheritor Advocate and Author Myra Salzer
1: Should You Loan Money to Friends?
2: The Dreaded Question - What Do You Do?
3: Demystifying Your Financial Statements
4: Influencing Your Portfolio
5: Seizing Your Influence Ability
6: How to Be an Effective Board
7: Overcoming Shame and Embarrassment
8: Equalizing Finances Between Unequal Partners