Myra Salzer, TWC's Founder, has penned four books on topics ranging from establishing a near-perfect Family Office to inheritance and its effect on individuals' self-worth. Additional details and purchase information are below.

The Cabin: Building a Family-of-Affinity Office

Taking responsibility for and integrating with newly acquired wealth goes way beyond financial planning and investment management. The Cabin is a fun, informative look at how the near-perfect family office is possible by placing the members in the forefront and viewing overhead and employees as investments rather than costs. It is a journey of discovery, as three colleagues team up, tap the greatest minds in the family-office industry, and assemble all of the collected wisdom into an enjoyable structure. Readers with existing family offices will take away ideas on improving operations for the benefit of family and staff; those in the process of forming a new family office will learn how to start off on the right foot and contribute to their family’s joyful wealth for generations to come. The stories are true. The facts are concise. And the mission is to help readers see a broader horizon of possibilities for the family office and show the members how to achieve their ambitions.

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The Confident Inheritor: No Apologies Necessary

Now you can stop apologizing for inheriting great wealth and instead focus on the impact and difference you want to make. The Confident Inheritor: No Apologies Necessary is a resource for those who want freedom from the pre-conceived judgments and misconceptions people have around those who inherit great wealth. In this informative publication, Myra Salzer exposes the myths around the platinum handcuffs inheritors often receive along with the wealth.  She shares the secret to integrating with your wealth to move into the future with great confidence.

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Living Richly: Seizing the Potential of Inherited Wealth

A light, inspiring read for inheritors, their friends, and those who advise them, Living Richly offers Myra Salzer’s venerable perspective as a wealth coach who believes net worth should serve self-worth (instead of the other way around). She brings readers her abundant hands-on experience with the challenges surrounding wealth, particularly for those who have inherited enough that earned income (paid work) has become purely optional.

The book is not about finance: it is about human potential. One of the book’s key messages: When more inheritors live richly, rather than succumbing to the burden of their wealth, the potential becomes astounding.

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Living Richly - Seizing the Potential of Inherited Wealth

The Inheritor's Sherpa: A Life-Summiting Guide for Inheritors

In this practical, insightful, and compassionate guide, Myra Salzer, founder of The Wealth Conservancy, offers readers a path to personal accomplishment. For those facing the myriad challenges of inherited wealth, Salzer provides practical information, well-rounded advice, and solid personal support.

This is a book you will consult repeatedly as you set goals and travel the path enabled by your inheritance. For Salzer, the path of newfound wealth is not merely financial; traveled wisely, it is also a journey of self-discovery and re-alignment with the world.

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The Inheritors Sherpa - A Life-Summiting Guide for Inheritors