The Wealth Conservancy’s audience is specific and niche: people who inherit significant wealth. The firm and its founder, author and inheritors’ advocate Myra Salzer, bring decades of solution-driven experience to clients. As a specialized wealth coach for over 30 years, it is Myra’s passion to help heirs integrate with their wealth and achieve their greatest potential. This advocacy extends into her published works, interviews, podcasts, and other resources.

Published Books

Myra has authored several works that focus on the personal aspects of inherited wealth:  The Inheritor’s Sherpa: A Life-Summiting Guide for Inheritors (2005), Living Richly: Seizing the Potential of Inherited Wealth (2010), The Confident Inheritor: No Apologies Necessary (2014), and The Cabin: Building a Family-of-Affinity Office (2014). Learn more.


Heard on the HeirWaves, hosted by Myra Salzer, covers topics an heir can relate to while the rest of the world can only imagine. The most under-represented minority on the planet gets a voice in these podcasts designed to provide insight into the challenges and opportunities that inherited wealth can create. Learn more.

Quarterly Commentaries

From the desk of The Wealth Conservancy’s Steve Henningsen, these quarterly publications discuss the state of the markets, the state of the economy at large, and provide insight into Steve’s wealth management philosophy. While interim updates are only available to existing clients, we invite all to learn about Steve’s investment philosophy via his Quarterly Commentaries. Learn more.

Quarterly DFA Updates

Keep up to date on Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) with our quarterly update that provides insight on diversity and holdings for a variety of DFA funds. Learn more.

In The Media

A member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), Myra is a frequent speaker at conferences in the field of financial services. She has been profiled and consulted in several financial journals, and is listed among the top financial advisors by Worth magazine. Myra co-facilitates periodic workshops to help inheritors engage their wealth by investing in themselves. Learn more.

Throughout her books, interviews, and articles, Myra speaks on topics relevant to heirs – their challenges and their potential as human beings who want to make a contribution.

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