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TWC Founder & Author, Myra Salzer

Listed among the country’s top financial advisors by Worth magazine, Myra Salzer is the founder and president of The Wealth Conservancy, Inc. After founding the firm in 1983, Salzer began specializing in fee-only financial planning as a wealth coach and inheritor’s advocate. Her specialty is ‘interior finance,’ or the personal aspects of inherited wealth. Salzer’s published works include The Inheritor’s Sherpa: A Life-Summiting Guide for Inheritors (2005), Living Richly: Seizing the Potential of Inherited Wealth (2010), The Confident Inheritor: No Apologies Necessary (2014), and The Cabin: Building a Family-of-Affinity Office (2014). Through her books, Salzer speaks directly to inheritors, providing reassurance of their greatest potential as human beings, and she shares with readers her secret to integrating with wealth. In addition to her books, Salzer developed TIES (The Inheritor’s Empowerment System) in 2008. TIES is a series of nine steps for inheritors who want to harness the potential of their wealth and realize their greatest life ambitions.

A member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), Salzer is a frequent speaker at conferences in the field of financial services. She has been profiled and consulted in several financial journals and she co-facilitates periodic workshops to help inheritors engage their wealth toward their personal potential. Before entering the financial services industry, Salzer earned a degree in chemical engineering and worked for major corporations in that field. She later became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. Salzer and her husband have two grown daughters and live with their dog in the foothills just outside of Boulder.

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About The Wealth Conservancy

The Wealth Conservancy’s audience is specific: people who inherit significant wealth. This fee-only financial-planning, wealth-coaching, and asset protection firm is founded and run by inheritor advocate and author Myra Salzer. Myra has been chosen by Worth magazine multiple times as one of the nation’s top financial advisors, and she and her colleagues bring decades of listening and solution-driven experience to her client centered approach.

Here, a client’s life goals guide every step of the wealth management process. TWC staff work together with clients to help them harness their life’s potential and focus on their greatest ambitions. All consultations with clients are confidential.

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